Assumption of the BVM parish, Daysland

The Parish was incorporated in 1938. An old Roman Catholic Church was bought and relocated to the new place and in the spring of 1939 the first Divine Liturgy was held. From the beginnings there were 11 active families. Originally all members belonged to Kopernik parish, which at that time was too far away. Construction of a second brick church (68’ x 32’) began in 1953. The cemetery is shared with the Roman Catholics. The services were provided from 1936 by the Basilian Fathers: e.g. Fr. Innocent Rychkun and Fr. Eugene Bilyk. From 1954 the Eparchial clergy looked after the faithful: Fr. Demetrius Baziuk (1954-1957), Fr. Bohdan Lozynsky (1957-1963), Fr. Oles Zachariasewych (1969-1984), Fr. Richard Zuback (1985-1987), Fr. Myron Pyszcz (1988-1990), Fr. Peter Brezden (1991-1992), Fr. Mihajlo Planchak ( 1993-1998), Fr. Ron Hollohan (1999), Fr. Vasyl Nykyforuk (2000-2008), Fr. Slavko Dumeč (2008-2013), Fr. Greg Faryna (2013-2017), Fr. Mark Bayrock (2017-).