Holy Trinity parish, Leduc

The first Ukrainians settlers in the area came in 1900-1912 from the district of Yaroslav (Jaroslaw) in Ukraine. The first church was built in 1900, and at that time the locality was known as Rabbit Hill. The first services were held in 1902 by Fr. Sozont Dydyk, OSBM, who resided in Rabbit Hill and Rosthern, Sask., and took care of the surrounding area, including Edmonton, until 1906.
The second church was built by Fr. Philip Ruh, OMI, in 1917-1918. This church has been designated as a historical site by the Government of Alberta, with the instruction that it be preserved and restored to the original architectural design, although electrical lighting and gas heating has been installed. The total area of the church grounds is 22 acres. Being 23 km. from Edmonton, the parish has been attended from St. Basil the Great since 1917. The Gregorian calendar has been in use since 1945.
There have been 2 religious vocations from the parish: Fr. Methodius Hannas, OSBM, and Sr. Josaphata Tymochko, SSMI. The children of the parish attend St. Basil’s Camp at Pigeon Lake.
The Holy Trinity cemetery (2 acres) was purchased by the parish in 1917.
The Parish owned their own “Український Католицький Народний Дім” (Ukrainian Catholic National Hall) in Calmar, where there were many concerts for many years and was a center of Ukrainians in between Leduc and Calmar. The hall was sold to the Ukrainian dance group in the winter of 2004.