Transfiguration of our Lord parish, Round Hill

The first settlers arrived in 1901 from Western Ukraine (Husiatyn and Chortkiv Regions). The 40 acres of land was provided by the government in 1903: 15 acres for the cemetery, 15 acres for the priest and the residence, 10 acres for the church structure). The first church was built in 1903 (30’ x 24’) on the initiative of the parishioners themselves. The church was blessed by Fr. Sozont Dydyk on August 19, 1904. The priest’s residence was added in 1905 and a new residence was built in 1946 (50’ x 34’). In 1925 a bigger church (72’ x 40’) was built in the form of a cross with one dome in the centre and two small ones in the front. The building costs were $9,000.00. Two well known Ukrainian church painters painted the inside of the church: altar part by Lipynskyj and the rest by Theodor Baran in 1958. There is also a bell tower. The church bell was purchased in 1905 by Petro Stefura in France for $175.00. The first visitation was held on July 30, 1933 by Bishop Basil Ladyka; Bishop Neil Savaryn visited the church in 1970. Later every bishop was visiting the parish community. Cantors were: M. Procyshyn, Borynets, M. Kohut, L. Ladubits, Hnat Kaliavskyi, A. Pasiuk, P. Petrushynskyj, Fedushchak, P. Holovatiuk, Panchyshyn, Pavlo Kaliavskyj and others. There were two vocations from the parish: Sr. Bonaventura (Anna Kalawska), SSMI, and Sr. M. Christine (Anna Wenger), OSB. Basilian Fathers who served the parish: Fr. Matthew Hura, Fr. Matthew Sianchuk, Fr. Innocent Rychkun, Fr.George. Zydan, Fr. Epiphanius Teodorowich, Fr. Josaphat Jean, Fr. Sophron Dyakowich, Fr. Josaphat Tymochko, Fr. Methodius Hannas, Fr. Sebastian Kurylo, Fr. Dionisius Dzygolyk, Fr. Basil Ladyka, Fr. Juvenalis Slota, Fr. Theodozy Dobko, Fr. Sebastian Shewchuk, Fr. Andrew Truch, Fr. Benedict Hrynyshyn. The Eparchial clergy who served the community: Fr. George Maly (1957-19–), Fr. Anthony Pawliuk, Fr. Roman Hankewych (1963-1964), Fr. Demetrius Baziuk, Fr. Nicholas Holowaty, Fr. Myron Martynkiw, Fr. Oles Zachariasewych (1969-1984), Fr. Richard Zuback (1985-1986), Fr. Myron Pyszcz (1987-1990), Fr. Peter Brezden (1991-1992), Fr. Mihajlo Planchak (1993-1998), Fr. Ron Hollohan (1999), Fr. Vasyl Nykyforuk (2000-2008), Fr. Slavko Dumeč (2008-2013), Fr. Greg Faryna (2013-2017), Fr. Mark Bayrock (2017-).